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Every business needs to be prepared for the unexpected. While you can’t predict the future, you can put yourself in the best position to manage threats that will come your way. A robust security camera system, installed and supported by a professional team of experts, is the best way to protect your business—and gain a peace of mind.

  • Secure your business operations.
  • Provide a safe workplace for you, your employees, and your customers.
  • Stay ahead of threats with leading-edge security technology.
  • Improve incident management capabilities.
  • Gain full control of your inventory.
  • Maintain a comprehensive view of your business.

Today's smart security technology is easy to manage and easy to scale.

Discover what our smart security cameras can do!

Security Camera on Public Space

Market-Leading Security Equipment

Avoid the difficulties of traditional DVR & NVR security systems

  • Authorized dealer of Verkada cameras
  • Best security equipment in the industry
  • Next-generation storage & recall capabilities
  • Hybrid in-camera and cloud storage
Security Camera Installation

Professional Installation & Service

On-demand US support + 10-year warrantee

Easy 3-Step Action Plan

  • Site Assessment & Consultation By Licensed NC Specialist
  • Security System Installation by Licensed NC Specialist
  • Training & Support

Why Invest in a Security System?

Security Personnel Monitoring

Minimizing risk is part of every smart business plan.

Commercial enterprises are targeted and victimized by criminals every day. Yet, 97% of businesses operate with no meaningful security measures to protect themselves.

Security Camera on Retail Space

Being prepared is the best defense.

We live and work in a society marred by gun violence. From schools and movie theaters to night clubs and concert arenas, no business has proven immune from being a target of an armed assault.


Hold perpetrators accountable.

Businesses are more likely to be victimized by an employee than an outsider. Employee theft accounts for $50 billion in losses for US businesses every year. The ability to monitor routine business activities is a great deterrent against crimes of opportunity.

The Gray & Creech Promise

For 100 years, Gray & Creech has provided office solutions for North Carolina businesses. We are locally owned, and all owners work in the business. We answer to you, our customers, every day, to help you run efficient and productive businesses. Gray & Creech promises to provide the right solutions for your business—both inside and out: the right systems, security, and service, at the right value—every day.