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Are you ready to reduce spending on everyday business postage expenses and mailings? Do you want to increase office efficiency? It may be time to invest in a postage meter. The Mint postage meter and mailing system is a reliable and efficient system for companies that want to simplify their mailing process and save time and money. As a dealer of the Mint Mailing System, Gray & Creech offers state-of-the-art mailing solutions to businesses of all sizes across the Triad and Triangle areas of North Carolina.

Mail Sorting

Here are 5 ways Mint mail processing equipment can benefit your business.

Increased mailing efficiency

When employees have to sort, fold, stuff, address, and apply postage, it’s both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our mail solutions technology handles these tasks automatically. This allows you to free up staff time for more valuable work.

Boosted office productivity

Large mail volumes can quickly overwhelm your manual capabilities. Our full line of Mint Mailing postage meter equipment will allow you to process large mailings much faster, which ensures timely delivery and improved customer satisfaction without overwhelming your staff.

Improved postage accuracy

Postage rate changes are common, but a mail feeder with a built-in postage machine can take over the guesswork and the manual work. Automated postage application eliminates the risk of human error and ensures accurate postage for every mail piece.

Reduced costs

The Mint Mailing System allows access to discounted postage rates through USPS programs. In addition, accurate weighing and postage applications prevent overspending. Plus, when you handle a large mail send in-house, you can save hundreds of dollars each time.

Enhanced mail-handling security

Some industries have specific mail handling and data security regulations. If this applies to you, the Mint Mailing System can help you comply with these regulations and avoid costly fines for misuse of mailing lists.

Improve Visibility and Enhance Reporting with a Mint Postage Meter

The Mint Mailing System offers real-time mail tracking, which allows you to monitor your mail’s progress and ensure timely delivery. In addition, the system will help with the following:

  • Generate reports on mailing activity from your address list
  • Provide valuable insights into costs, delivery times, and recipient engagement
  • Optimize mailing campaigns and improve your return on investment
Office equipment and solutions

Enhance Your Brand Image with Professional, Polished, and Personalized Mailing

Embrace the power of smart mailing for business. With the combination of a Mint Mailing System and Managed Print Services through Gray & Creech, you can elevate your brand image.

Ditch the generic flyers and impersonal bulk mailings. Invest in high-quality printing, premium paper stocks, and eye-catching designs that reflect your brand’s personality. Include personalized touches like slogans or custom text for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Plus, do it all quickly and simply!

Strategic mail campaigns can:

  • Deliver impactful results.
  • Foster customer loyalty with exclusive offers.
  • Re-engage lapsed contacts with personalized reminders.
  • Generate buzz with interactive mailers.
  • And more!

Each piece of mail you send becomes a miniature ambassador for your brand that builds trust and forges meaningful connections.

3 Easy Steps to Implement a Mint Mailing System


Step 1: Initial Consultation

Gray & Creech will assess your mail processor needs and demonstrate the Mint Mailing System features that will most impact your business, based on your volume of mail, envelope sizes, desired features, and more. We’ll explore how a Mint system seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and workflows. You can rely on Gray & Creech’s expertise to help you choose the ideal model and ensure a smooth implementation process.


Step 2: Setup and Training

Our team will expertly install and configure the Mint Mailing System to ensure it’s ready to meet your mailing needs efficiently. We’ll provide comprehensive training so that your employees know how to operate the system effectively and maximize its benefits. We’ll guide you through integration with your current software and workflows to help optimize your mailing processes.


Step 3: Support and Maintenance

Count on Gray & Creech for prompt support to address any technical issues or questions along the way. We’ll conduct regular maintenance to keep your Mint system running smoothly and prevent potential problems. From your mail meter to your envelope feeder and beyond, we’ll continuously evaluate and optimize your mailing processes to ensure that you maximize your investment.

Transform Your Mailing Operations with Gray & Creech

Simplify your mailing processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency with a Formax Mint Mailing System. Then partner with Gray & Creech to guide you through every step. We’ll work with you to choose the right solution and offer ongoing support and maintenance.

Need live, local support? We’ll quickly resolve any issues or questions — in one visit or just a phone call. Plus, take advantage of easy financing and leasing options to suit your budget and needs.

You’re one call away from harnessing the power of the Mint Mailing System.