Are you spending too much time and money on post office runs? Does your mail machine not calculate mail weight or postage accurately? It may be time to invest in an office postage meter. These reliable and efficient machines are the perfect way to simplify office mailing systems for companies just like yours. Here are the four biggest office postage meter features that will make your business mail framework succeed for you.

1. An Office Postage Meter Increases Productivity

Mint Mail postage machines maximize the productivity of all your in-house mail resources through automation. No longer will an employee need to spend hours in the mail room or on runs to the post office. Each Mint machine handles the following:

  • Package weight and processing
  • Envelope sealing
  • Automatic postage

With an envelope feeder, postage machine, and mail meter all in one, gone are the days of multiple mail system machines or print shops to get your packages sent out on time.

Do you have machines across several branches that need mail solution management? Gray & Creech offers postage meter technology and complementary office solutions to keep your business operations running smoothly.

2. Mailing Equipment Improves Postage Accuracy

Don’t overpay for postage. You can run thousands of intelligently sorted and verified mail pieces and large mailing packages, with Mint postage meter systems. The integrated weight platforms prevent wasted postage and ensure the correct measurement of every package. In addition, postage rate changes are automatically downloaded every 72 hours to keep you on top of your mailing costs. Never again will a postage rate increase sneak up on you.

Reduce downtime and unnecessary costs.

Get business done with an updated mailing system.

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Mailing postage meter

3. Postage Technology Reduces Unnecessary Costs for Office Mailing Systems

Many companies today don’t know how much they spend on mailings. From the maintenance of large mailing lists to extensive mail campaigns, postage, shipping, and personnel costs can impact your budget. In addition to up-to-date postage, an office postage meter helps alleviate this with the following:

  • One machine does the work of multiple units.
  • Extensive model options fit your budget and needs.
  • Discounted USPS mailing rates cut postage costs.
  • Easy maintenance means less downtime, particularly when paired with Gray & Creech’s quality guarantee.

4. Mint Mail Processing Equipment Enhances Security

In addition to the Mint mail feeder’s automatic letter seal, an office postage meter with Mint Mail systems protect your business from data breaches by processing mail in-house. Mint machines use Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI), the most up-to-date data encryption standards required by the USPS. It is as easy as hitting “Start” to protect your IP.

Improve Your Mailing Efficiency with Gray & Creech

Your business doesn’t have to lose money and productivity on your mailing process. Gone are the days of outsourced services or multiple machines to weigh and print. Take control of your budget, mail campaigns, and working hours. A Mint Mail office postage meter offers all-in-one solutions to get your business back on track.

Mailing for business doesn’t have to be costly — or compromising.

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