managed print services Gray & CreechJeff Chovanec, director of MPS for Gray & Creech, shares the advantages of managed print services.

Not all local print solutions are created equal. Before your business invests in print services, make sure you understand how to make the most of your budget, what to consider for the future, and more. This post offers expert advice from Jeff Chovanec, a 30-year industry veteran and director of managed print services (MPS) at Gray & Creech Office Solutions.


What Are Managed Print Services?

First, let’s start with the basics. Managed Print Services is an umbrella term for a program designed to help businesses streamline printing. A well-designed MPS program can help businesses with the following objectives.

  • Get more from their budget
  • Optimize resources
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve the ROI on their imaging and technology investments


The Biggest Managed Print Services Benefits

Chovanec and the team at Gray & Creech, see MPS as one of the best ways for a business to get a handle on their printing spend and boost efficiency.

“Most companies today have no idea what they’re spending on print solutions,” says Chovanec. “If they do have an idea what they’re spending, we show them how to get the most out of their money. Our program works for any organization, from small mom-and-pop shops to national companies with many locations.”

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3 Things to Consider as You Evaluate Managed Print Services Providers

Before you choose a local print provider, here’s what Chovanec recommends you consider as you evaluate Managed Print Services companies.

#1: Expertise

“My 30-plus years of experience is the biggest asset I can bring to any client or prospect,” says Chovanec. “I’ve learned there are many ways to make the program work. During our discovery process, I will ask you questions that no one else you have talked with has asked or won’t ask.”

#2: Service Response Times

Time is of the essence in today’s business world, so you want to work with an MPS partner that can meet your needs promptly. Run into a problem? The team at Gray & Creech is there to help you get back up and running fast, with an average maintenance response time that’s just around 3 hours.

“Service techs are always a concern,” says Chovanec. “Are they trained to fix the machine when they get there? And do they have the parts on hand that they’ll need? Our techs are all manufacturer-trained and have the necessary parts to repair almost anything the first time.”

#3: Your Needs and Goals

Every company has different needs, so Chovanec stresses how important it is to align your goals before you select a provider.

“The first question I always ask is: ‘What do you want our program to accomplish for you and your company?’ I need to know as much about your business as I do your printing process,” he says.

“There are so many things that go into an MPS solution. If you don’t know all the parts, it’s like cooking; if you don’t have the ingredients, the recipe will not taste good. You need to know all the client’s pieces so the program will work. We treat each program differently because each client is different.”


Gray & Creech Is Prepared for the Future of Managed Print Services

“The MPS world is evolving toward a more printer-centric office environment,” says Chovanec. “The big office copier is becoming less necessary; most offices now only need a big copier for 11″ x 17″ paper. With hybrid and remote work, the smaller desk printer and multifunction machines will be everywhere. So, organizations must manage and track these devices effectively.”

According to Chovanec, Gray & Creech is poised for the future.

“We’re well-equipped to assist any company,” he says. “We recently announced our exciting partnership with HP Amplify. HP is a trusted name in the IT industry, known for leading the way in cybersecurity. Our clients in the North Carolina market can now benefit from our enhanced services with HP by their side. This provides peace of mind in today’s cyber landscape.”


Your Print Solutions… Covered

It’s crucial to find the right local print solutions so that you can optimize your budget, improve efficiency, and promote sustainability. As an all-in-one provider of imaging, security, and IT solutions, Gray & Creech is here to keep your business running smoothly.


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