Unlock unprecedented growth and efficiency for your business with Gray & Creech’s partnership with HP Amplify. Gain access to new HP technologies, industry education, and more. Learn all about the program and the ways it will help you achieve your business goals in 2024 and beyond.


What Is HP Amplify?

As an official HP partner, Gray & Creech now offers HP hardware to managed print services customers. This is available through HP Amplify, a unique global program designed to help partners grow and enable better customer experiences. HP Amplify gives its partners access to HP’s most cutting-edge products, along with competitive tools and support. We’re able to share these advantages with our customers so that you can benefit from HP’s full spectrum of print products and services for businesses.

 The partner program focuses on three main pillars:

  1. Performance
  2. Capabilities
  3. Collaboration

Together, these pillars empower partners for greater efficiency and insight, so that you’re truly getting top-of-the-line managed print services.


4 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from HP Amplify

HP Amplify is more than just a partner program; it’s an investment in your company’s future. Here are four of the most significant ways your company will benefit from HP Amplify as a Gray & Creech customer.


#1: Best-in-Class Training, Resources, and Education

HP Amplify provides training programs, videos, editorial resources, and educational sessions to help partners stay informed about the latest HP technologies, products, and industry trends.

Gray & Creech utilizes HP Amplify’s training tools to equip our technicians with the latest knowledge and skills, so you get faster service and resolution times for your printing needs.


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HP Amplify Benefits


 #2: Early Access to New Technologies

As technology continues to evolve rapidly and the world of work shifts more and more, staying ahead of trends is essential. Partners in the HP Amplify program often receive early access to new HP technologies and products. That means Gray & Creech will be the first to offer you the newest in cutting-edge solutions from HP on everything from imaging products to its latest servers and laptops.

#3: Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Partners can leverage HP’s comprehensive ecosystem of services and solutions to better address customer needs and foster long-term relationships.

Here are three big benefits for you.

  1. A comprehensive support network that allows our HP Amplify partners to provide you with targeted assistance and ensure your specific print and imaging needs are met
  2. Software that helps prevent issues before they occur, so that you can minimize disruptions and ensure consistent performance
  3. Security solutions that are targeted to secure your data and network infrastructure

#4: A Global Network of Resources

The HP Amplify program also provides partners with access to vital technical training, to in-person events, regular webinars, and more — like the recent HP Amplify 2023 Conference. These networking opportunities encourage our collaboration with other HP Amplify partners to share customer-centric practices.

At the HP Amplify Partner Conference 2023, thousands of attendees connected with HP leaders and global visionaries for demos, networking, and new product releases. This global network allows Gray & Creech to stay ahead of the curve and bring you the latest innovations in the print industry, ensuring your business remains competitive.


Leverage the Abundance of Opportunities for Accelerated Growth and Success through our partnership with HP Amplify

As an HP Amplify power services partner, Gray & Creech can open a world of opportunities for your business to thrive in today’s competitive market. From industry-leading education and networking to early access to new technologies, the opportunities are endless.

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