A few decades ago, a business’s copy and print operations were handled by a single person — often the office’s administrative team member. This person was responsible for ordering ink, toner, and other supplies, determining printer and copier needs, and even troubleshooting equipment issues. This method of managing printers and copiers was time consuming and often led to significant loss of productivity during equipment downtime. Fortunately, there’s now a service that seamlessly handles all of these operations for your office: managed print services (MPS). But what are managed print services, and how exactly do they work?

MPS takes over the day-to-day, in-house management of print and copier equipment, and is handled by an office solutions provider that specializes in managed print services. These services have become more robust as digital technologies have advanced to include remote and automated features that help maintain office productivity.

  • Cloud-based monitoring and reporting
  • Instant service error diagnostics
  • Auto toner replenishment
  • Performance analysis that predicts future use

In this article, we detail what Managed Print Services are, how they benefit businesses, and how to get started with managing your own print and copy needs.

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MPS office solutions

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services involve the management and optimization of a business’s copy and print operations, including installation of equipment and supplies fulfillment. Instead of doing these tasks in house, many businesses outsource them to managed print services providers like Gray & Creech Office Solutions.

MPS services can vary, depending on the industry and needs of a business, but reputable managed print services companies should offer a selection of core features.

  • Installation of new copiers and business printers
  • Installation of managed print services software, such as cloud-based apps
  • Automatic ink and toner replenishment
  • Assessment of copier and printer use
  • Identification of print costs, including solutions to reduce costs
  • Troubleshooting and repair


Benefits of Partnering with a Print Services Provider

Managing office equipment is a major source of productivity loss, cost, and frustration for many businesses. This is true for organizations of all sizes, including small- to mid-size businesses, as well as educational institutions, local governments, and health care organizations.

MPS, on the other hand, can help businesses thrive by offering the following benefits.

  • Reduction of downtime due to faulty machines
  • Increased office productivity
  • Reduced document waste
  • Improved environmental sustainability with waste reduction
  • Savings on equipment and supply costs

Ultimately, partnering with an office equipment company that offers MPS can help save your business time, money, and effort; thus, freeing up your staff for more important tasks.


Get Started with MPS

If you want a high-performing office, one of the first areas of your business to assess is your copy and print operations. Are they slowing you down? Do you truly know what your document processing needs are? When you think of copy and print, do negative thoughts come to mind?

If your office’s print management is inefficient and costly, your business could benefit from managed print services.

When you’re looking for a local office solutions provider that offers print management services, Gray & Creech Office Solutions offers a full range of office solutions and managed print services that include the following services.

  • Easy financing and leasing options for copiers and printers
  • Automated ink and toner supply and replenishment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Service error diagnostics
  • Onsite equipment training
  • Quick repair, with an industry-leading response time

There’s no need to live in the past. Take the pressure of managing office equipment off of you and your staff. Today’s MPS solutions will ensure your workspace is more productive and efficient than ever before.

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