Do you own a small or medium-sized business? If so, you know it’s tough to keep up with the latest technology. But did you know the Xerox® App Gallery can help you streamline your business processes and improve your bottom line? Keep reading to learn how to save your business time, money, and hassle!

What Is the Xerox App Gallery?

The Xerox app gallery is a free online resource that offers dozens of apps to install on your Xerox ConnectKey® Technology-enabled or multifunction printer (MFP). These apps can help you with printing, scanning, automation, security, and more.

5 Xerox Apps That Will Transform Your Business

Are you ready to improve productivity, reduce costs, and protect your documents? Here are five popular Xerox apps that can transform your business.

  1. Translation – With today’s workforce being more diverse and bilingual, Xerox Translate conveniently provides a way to translate a document into another language in the touch of a button.
  2. Auto-Redaction – Take advantage of cutting-edge AI technology in Google’s data loss prevention software, which allows you to select preset personally identifiable information, or custom words and phrases, then automatically redact it.
  3. Note Converter – Convert handwritten notes to a MS Word document in seconds.
  4. Summarizer – Creating summaries can be extremely time consuming. Now you can create a summary by using the summarizer app. With the help of AI, Xerox Summarizer condenses dozens or even hundreds of pages by reducing the original scanned document to a percentage of the original.
  5. Xerox Workflow Central This workflow platform takes a combination of several applications and makes it work through a connect key-enabled Xerox MFP, a mobile device, or your desktop computer. Now you can translate, redact, covert to audio, note convert, merge documents, and even save documents into another file type.

Looking for something else? Xerox offers many more apps to help you improve your operations. As a Xerox authorized dealer, Gray & Creech can help you find and install the right apps for your unique business.


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Xerox app gallery

4 Big Benefits of Using a Xerox Print App

The Xerox App Gallery offers a wide variety of apps to help businesses of all sizes. Here are four significant benefits of using a Xerox Print App.

  • Increased productivity. The Xerox App Gallery can help you streamline your business processes and save time, increasing productivity.
  • Reduced costs. The Xerox App Gallery can help you reduce your printing and copying costs by allowing you to print and scan from your mobile device and automating repetitive tasks.
  • Improved security. The Xerox App Gallery offers a variety of security features to help protect your documents from unauthorized access.
  • Enhanced collaboration. The Xerox App Gallery makes collaborating with colleagues and clients on documents easy.

Transform Your Business with the Xerox App Gallery and Gray & Creech

By taking advantage of the Xerox App Gallery, you can save time and money on printing and scanning, automate repetitive tasks, collaborate more effectively with colleagues and clients, and keep your documents secure.

With more than 60 applications and growing, you’re sure to find the right ones to help you reach your business goals. Whether you need a managed print services Raleigh or Triad provider or you’re just looking for a Xerox-authorized dealer, Gray & Creech is here to help.


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