How We Help the Environment


 Environmental tag line


  • Centrally located MFPs/Copiers/Printers with the reduction of “Small Office / Home Office” convenience printers;
    •  Reduces overall paper, toner and supply consumption.
    •  Encourages active movements in the office, improving the overall health of the users.
  • The ENERGY STAR® feature in a typical medium- to high-speed copier can reduce that machine’s annual electricity costs by as much as 60%.*
  • A copier with fast and reliable duplexing (double-sided copying) can reduce office paper use by 25% or more, saving money in the process (Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, April 2000). Also, reducing paper use can contribute to reduction in natural resource consumption as well as in energy used to create paper.
  • If all copiers sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR®-labeled and set to automatically default to duplex, the amount of paper used could be reduced by more than 200 billion sheets. This adds up to a savings of 1 million tons of paper, enough to save an estimated 20 million trees!!*

*(Massachusetts Operational Services Division, November 2000

Empty Toner Recycling

Gray & Creech Office Systems sends all empty toners cartridges back to our manufacturers; ensuring our landfills don’t get unnecessary trash.

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Sharp Corporation & The Environment