Government office technology has a reputation for being slow and inefficient. This is largely due to outdated equipment and not incorporating the latest technologies. It’s true­: many county and city government offices haven’t changed their equipment or processes in years.

Outdated equipment leads to a wide range of problems.

  • Disorganized and interrupted workflows
  • Wasted time
  • Lost revenue
  • An increase in waste
  • Employee burnout

Contrastingly, when government agencies modernize their equipment, they notice a number of benefits.

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of waste
  • Better time management
  • More satisfied employees

The key to a high-performing government office is the right equipment and the right office technology. These two factors support employees to do their jobs well. This is where a great image solutions company comes in, as they can assess an agency’s government office technology and suggest better alternatives.


Our technology goes way beyond just printing and scanning!

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Streamline a Government Office with the Right Equipment

Upgrade to an MFP (Multifunction Printer)

The first way to improve government office technology is with a high-tech, all-in-one printer, copier, and scanner. These advanced machines do more than produce documents at electrifying speeds. They also save government offices money by printing economically.

The Xerox Altalink XC8170 is another MFP that will elevate a city government office’s technology. With flexible paper functionality, it prints and accommodates a wide range of documents up to 12×18 inches, including card stock, glossy paper, and even envelopes. Better yet, quality is not lost, as it prints up to 70 pages per minute at 2400 dots per inch (DPI)—a superb feature among multi-function printers.

This type of equipment will allow an office to perform a number of projects without sacrificing time, quality, or money.

Integrate the Latest Apps

Along with a high-tech MFP, a government office that wishes to improve their technology also needs to integrate the latest apps for their devices. The Xerox Application Gallery is a collection of technology-based solutions that are only a swipe away on your MFP.

  • Translation and Print. Easily translate a document into 50 different languages.
  • Auto Redaction App. Redact sensitive or compromising documents with the touch of a button.
  • Summarize App. Don’t have time to read a lengthy document? No worries—automatically summarize it.
  • Note Converter App: Turn handwritten notes into a Microsoft Word document in seconds.

Take It to the Cloud

Our cloud-based print management software enables government offices to manage fleets of print devices with a breeze. Cloud solutions enable your team to break free from local network limitations. User set-up is easy, as well as integrating our printing solutions with your cloud-based Microsoft infrastructure.
You can expect these benefits of cloud-based software:

  • Print from anywhere.
  • Retrieve print jobs from any copier, even those in different buildings.
  • Access documents and applications stored on the cloud with single sign-on capabilities.

Gray & Creech Office Solutions helps local government offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond modernize their office operations with high-tech equipment and the latest office technology. We can assess your operations and recommend the right solution for you.

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