If printing marketing materials and other types of collateral has become a way of life for your business, you’re probably in need of a new solution. Your standard in-house printer isn’t up for the job, but sending your print projects to a commercial printer is costing you time and money. Investing in your own Xerox® production printer can take the headache out of the equation. What sets Xerox apart? And how do you choose the perfect Xerox printer? Keep reading to learn how these quality machines may benefit your business.

What Is a Production Printer?

A production printer is a high-quality, high-speed printer commonly used for mass printing marketing communications, brochures, point-of-sales materials, booklets, and more. The high output of pages, known as PPM, or pages per minute, also makes these printers a popular choice for a business’s high-yield printing needs. Xerox production printers begin at 75 ppm and go as high as 314 ppm.

For mid-sized businesses and larger, production print solutions offer customizable features that adapt to your often rapidly evolving needs. User interfaces are intuitive and easy to use, while the software provides a seamless workflow.


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Xerox Promises Quality

Known for their reliability and durability, Xerox is often the first name that comes to mind for production printers. With their robust builds and cutting-edge technology, Xerox machines are designed to streamline workflows and enhance output quality.

Downtime for any business can be costly, so it’s key to invest in a brand that consistently delivers quality without the need for frequent maintenance. Xerox ensures uninterrupted printing to maximize productivity and minimize disruptions. Plus, when you work with Gray & Creech, you also have the backing of our quality guarantee that comes with onsite training, on-time supply replenishment, and industry-leading response times by manufacturer-certified technicians.

Another benefit of a Xerox production printer is that it offers cost-saving and sustainability features. Energy-efficient settings and eco-friendly consumables mean a Xerox production printer will help your business reduce its carbon footprint and lower operational costs. It’s a win for your business and the planet.

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Choosing the Right Xerox Production Printer

While there are numerous Xerox printer lines to choose from, there are two that have earned our trust: Primelink and the Versant family.

Xerox® Primelink: A Production Printing Powerhouse

 Made with every business in mind, this top-selling, light-production system comes in a compact footprint that scales to your business needs. It packs a powerful punch with Xerox Printer Software and a full range of finishing accessories.

  • Up to 75 ppm
  • Customizable digital front ends to fit every print environment
  • 2400 DPI & 8-bit rendering for sharp details
  • 350# gsm to handle even the thickest materials
  • Adaptive color kits that include gold, silver, and fluorescents
  • 3 levels of print controllers to fit your exact needs
  • Premium GBC book-binding options
  • Banner printing (330 x 660mm)


Xerox® Versant: A Vanguard of Versatility and Vibrancy

 The Versant family provides two models: an entry-level printer that churns out 80 ppm and a 100-ppm workhorse that’s packed with features. A proven champion, Versant won the 2022 BLI PRO Award for Outstanding Mid-Volume CMYK+ Production Device. With the Xerox Versant line, you’ll get stunning visuals and beyond.

  • Up to 100 ppm
  • A full-width array to simplify and automate time-consuming tasks
  • 2400 DPI ultra HD resolution & 10-bit rendering for incredible images
  • All Stocks Rated Speed (ASRS) option to print 25% on stock up to 400 gsm
  • Versatile feeding up to 47” or 1.2m sheets with finishing options
  • Adaptive color kits that include gold, silver, and fluorescents
  • Inline spectrophotometer for automated color calibration

Your Authorized Dealer for Top-Quality Production Printers

Tired of wasting your time and resources dealing with less efficient print options? Is your business ready for a print upgrade? Gray & Creech Office Solutions is a Xerox-authorized dealer that serves businesses and organizations throughout the Triad and Triangle. Not only can you find the perfect Xerox production printer, but it will also come with Gray & Creech Office Solutions’ platinum-level service and support. Xerox and Gray & Creech are partners you can rely on to increase productivity and reduce downtime for your business.


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