Are you concerned about network failures, cyberattacks, or slow connectivity for your business systems? You don’t need to have an in-house tech staff to reap the benefits of stable and protected IT network operations. Outsourced, managed IT can act as a secret weapon for your business that both secures your system and protects your bottom line.

But how do you know how to choose the solution that’s right for your business?

Let’s start with the four basic pillars of successful IT network management solutions. With Gray & Creech’s custom IT management services, four primary IT network solution essentials work to keep your business from threats and poor network connectivity. These pillars remove the headache from network solutions for your local business. Read on to learn about each tier and how it can save you time, money, and efficiency.

Pillar 1: An IT Hazzard & Risk Assessment

The first step to a healthy network is for your IT management team to truly understand your system and its needs. Your company leadership should meet with outsourced IT professionals like Gray & Creech to assess your business’s current network situation. Since every enterprise requires different strategies, this crucial meeting of the minds will ensure all parties involved understand which solutions fit your business best.

Gray & Creech utilizes a custom Assessment Tool to identify the risks and vulnerabilities your business may be prone to. We build out a comprehensive plan to protect your most valuable assets — on your schedule and budget. This instrument will optimize your IT systems to decrease costs, reduce risk, and improve security via our 6-step Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) tool.

Here’s a sampling of what is assessed with our custom IT Assessment tool.

  • Network shortfalls and potential hazards
  • Compliance with government regulations and NIST standards
  • Detailed reporting on all network endpoints
  • Open security gaps
  • Power outage mitigation and recovery


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IT Risk Assessment

Pillar 2: Network Operations Center (NOC) Services

Once your business’s needs have been discovered, it’s time to address key operational systems, like NOC. No business is secure without a nerve center. The Network Operations Center, or NOC services, functions as the core of every healthy IT network. It monitors all network components, like routers, switches, servers, firewalls, databases, software, laptops, desktops, and printers.

Additionally, the NOC offers continuous firmware updates and delivers on-demand security patches. Your business will receive threat analysis and comprehensive performance reports to monitor your system’s strength.

Never fear loss-and-recovery scenarios again with daily data backups and storage solutions.

With NOC services, downtime, network outages, security breaches, or shoddy connectivity become things of the past. A strong, protected, and monitored network operation center will troubleshoot issues before they become costly problems. This will help your business run smoothly.

Pillar 3: Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Businesses are more vulnerable to outside attacks than ever before, and cybersecurity is paramount. Security Operations Center services, or SOC services, unify and coordinate all cybersecurity operations and technologies for an IT network system. This adds next-level security to your most important business assets and ensures a better-protected IT infrastructure.

Data breaches are costly and harmful. SOC services provide vulnerability assessments, network penetration testing, alert rankings, disaster recovery, and more.

Pillar 4: Local, NC-Based Help Desk and 24/7/365 Support

A comprehensive assessment and secure NOC and SOC services are not the whole equation for healthy IT network solutions. Continued system monitoring, and the experts to service it, are equally important.

With locally outsourced IT network support, your system will be attended to immediately by people you can rely on. That’s why it’s important to choose an IT management provider, like Gray & Creech, with a reputation for prompt, knowledgeable support. We offer instant response time through our help desk. And, if you need onsite service, we always offer a quick resolution.

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