What Is a NOC?

Businesses with complex networks — many interconnected devices and computers —often centralize their operations in a NOC (pronounced knock), also known as a Network Operations Center. Organizations that don’t have a NOC in house will often hire an IT NOC service to provide this support.

NOCs can provide benefits in a number of areas, which will vary depending on an organization’s needs:

  • Network devices
  • Databases
  • Firewalls
  • Servers
  • Wireless systems
  • Cloud software and services
  • Security monitoring

NOCs were first developed in the 1960s by telecommunication companies to oversee their status boards. Back then, a NOC simply displayed switch and routing information.

Today, NOCs still communicate the status of devices in real time — but on a more sophisticated level. For example, a network operations center can detect a slowdown in internet connectivity and send a signal to network technicians, who’ll then find solutions to increase network performance.

Managed NOC Services

While some businesses prefer to manage their own network in house, small- to medium-sized organizations often choose a local IT company to oversee their network operations. NOC as a Service, or NOCaaS, supports businesses that prefer to have their network operations managed out of house.

A NOC by an IT solutions provider like Gray & Creech will monitor your servers 24/7 to ensure up-to-date, optimized performance. This service can also include scheduled maintenance of your organization’s desktops and laptops, including anti-virus and anti-spyware scans that can guard against malware.

This around-the-clock monitoring ensures the safety and functionality of both your network and hardware.


Managed NOC services always start with an evaluation.

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4 Benefits of a Network Operations Center

A strong network, backed by good technology and skillful network technicians and engineers, is the key to a healthy business network. These factors help the user’s experience function smoothly.

Without a strong network management center, a business can face a number of challenges.

  • Downtime
  • Network outages
  • Shoddy connectivity
  • Stalled employees
  • Security breaches
    Network Operations Center

So, Why Is a NOC Critical for Business?

Improved Customer Experience

A network operations center ensures continuous connectivity. Ultimately, this affects customer experiences, as network outages can cause rescheduled services or unfulfilled orders.

Increased Network Security

The NOC is an organization’s first line of defense against digital attacks. It enables the organization to monitor network security and to recognize and address any attacks or network disruptions.

Proactive Problem Resolution

A NOC will alert staff to digital threats and help employees troubleshoot issues before they lead to costly problems that affect business.

Continuous Workplace Productivity

Through ongoing monitoring and maintenance, a NOC will reduce both equipment and employee downtime to keep your business running smoothly.

The Basics of a Strong, Reliable Network Operations Center

Network operations center functions vary depending on the business. An organization’s size, operations, and needs determine what functions its NOC will perform. For example, some businesses choose extra security monitoring and incorporate a security operation center (SOC) in their network operations center.

Nonetheless, every NOC should have a few basic functions.

24/7 Supervision

NOCs will monitor, track, and record service, software, and application network performance. NOCs also monitor firewall operations.


Not only do NOCs identify issues, they also target the source of the problem, so that network technicians and engineers can quickly troubleshoot errors.

Ongoing Maintenance

NOCs regularly update systems and software to improve network performance.

Traffic Analysis

NOCs must manage network user volume, including monitoring website traffic.

Data Backup and Recovery

Real-time data backup is a must for quick and easy retrieval in case of sudden power or network outages.

Automatic Network Configuration

Network configuration is a service that includes automatically applied settings and control flows for devices, such as IP addresses to router assignment.

The core functions of a standard network operations center all work in tandem to ensure an interruption-free network.

Get Started with IT NOC Solutions to Improve Your Business and Minimize Downtime

Network outages and security breaches are just two issues a healthy network operations center can proactively prevent. If your business doesn’t have a NOC and is looking at local IT companies, learn more about Gray & Creech Office Solutions and how an IT NOC can benefit your business.

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