In 2020, 39 percent of law offices said operational efficiency was their biggest challenge. Technology adoption or implementation was their second biggest challenge, while cybersecurity was another major concern for law firms.

Chances are your law firm faces similar challenges. Downed machines, old equipment, and lack of integrated technology are just a few things that can decrease any law office’s productivity. Time spent troubleshooting technology or manually inputting new clients into a system could be dedicated to more critical operations.

Since 1922, Gray & Creech Office Solutions has supported law firms in improving their efficiency with a full range of office and technology solutions. We know firsthand that minimizing downtime and improving productivity comes down to five critical areas:

  • Managed print solutions
  • High-quality office products
  • Integrated IT
  • Improved client billing
  • Elevated security


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How to Improve Legal Document Management for Your Law Office


Utilize Managed Print Solutions

Managed print solutions remove the hassle of managing printing, copying, and scanning. Gray & Creech’s managed print solutions handle everything document related, from predicting printing needs to automatically replenishing supplies before they run out. And if you encounter a problem, such as a jammed printer, the support you need is not far away. We pride ourselves on responding to calls in an average of just 3.1 hours!

So, with installation, maintenance, repair, and supply replenishment, your law firm’s office managers don’t have to dedicate extra time to maintaining office equipment.

Use State-of-the-Art Office Products

The easiest way to simplify your legal document management system is with multi-function printers and copiers that integrate the latest software. These devices streamline your processes by eliminating the extra steps of using external software.

Gray & Creech offers office equipment with technology tailored for law offices.

  • Digitize legal documents with the Xerox® Connect App for Clio.
  • Manage legal files with iManage.
  • Allow remote signatures with Xerox® Connect for DocuSign.
  • Link users directly with SalesForce.
  • Print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® OneDrive account.

Legal document management

Streamline Your Client Billing Process

Client billing is one of the most time-consuming tasks for law firms. It’s also one of the most critical — errors in client billing can cost your firm thousands of dollars. The right billing system can reduce the workload associated with billing a client and increase profitability.

Gray & Creech partners with PaperCut MF to make client billing easy. PaperCut MF integrates your client bill back software, plus auto generates and updates client invoices so you capture 100% of your imaging for bill back.

Elevate Your Security Efforts

It’s no wonder cyber security is a top worry for law firms. Fraud cost American consumers $5.8 billion in 2020! Integrated security protects sensitive data and client information from unauthorized access and use. Features like end-to-end encryption and digital signatures can improve a law firm’s security and foster trust between your firm and your clients.

These are a few other security features to consider.

  • Protection against data attacks and intrusion
  • Identity verification
  • Digital signatures and watermarking

Improve Remote Work Efficiency

Remote work is on the rise. But this shouldn’t be a reason for your law office productivity to slow down. Keep operations running smoothly by equipping your team with high-tech features, such as printing from mobile phones, converting handwritten notes to digital documents, and scanning to cloud storage.


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Gray & Creech Office Solutions has supported law offices and government offices in Greensboro and Raleigh — and everywhere in between — since 1922 with superior, reliable office management services. We know the challenges law offices face and offer unique solutions for your law firm’s needs, from reducing the workload of law office managers to solutions for managing legal documents.


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